About us


PJSC "Electromekhanika" is located on 200 km far from Moscow in Rzhev city of Tver region. The company was established in Moscow, 1939 year, during epoch of dynamic development of domestic air fleet, and was relocated to Rzhev city after World War II.

Since own establishment the company worked for military-industrial establishment, and mainly - for aircraft and cosmonautics.

Today PJSC "Electromekhanika" purveys for market up-to-date high-technology equipment for aircraft and other branches of industry:

  • Vacuum casting equipment
  • Equipment for vacuum thermal treatment
  • Welding equipment
  • Power supply units
  • Integrated control systems on basis of single-chip computers
  • etc.

High professional experience of designer allows the designing of equipment of any complexity under requirements specification of clients, and manufacturabilities allow the manufacture of high quality and reliability.

The Company produces the goods on a base of materials, componentry, units and devices made in Russia and abroad, which widely presented and available in the Russian market. The Company distributes own production to companies of Russian Federation and to abroad – Belarus, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Hungary, Denmark, India, Jordan, Italy, China, Poland, Thailand, France, Czech and other countries.

We offer:

  • Welding equipment
  • Foundry equipment
  • Thermal treatment equipment
  • Equipment for plating
  • Other equipment

Our contacts

Russia, Rzhev city
Tver region,
Zavodskoe shosse, 2.

(48232) 2-04-05,
(48232) 2-29-50,
(48232) 2-06-06

PJSC "Electromekhanika" eternally participates on specialized exhibitions.
Presentation of Europe Golden Prize "Nika" for Quality at X-th anniversary of European competition is best acknowledgement of high quality of our products.
Coordinating board of International programme "Partnership for the Progress" awards PAO "Electromekhanika" with "Golden Etalon" prize.