Reference of manufacture facilities

Scientific and technical Centre:

design of automatic control system of technological processes, mathematical modeling of the process, forecasting, programming, Software design and embedding, design and development of engineering documentation for the processes of thermal treatment, casting and welding, power supply, electro technical equipment, control systems, design of controllers and other kind of equipment.

Mechanical assembly works:

large dimension units works, cutting of work parts of rolled metal sheet, lining, bending, gouging and rolling of metal blocks, electro arc welding in a shielding gas environment and under flux layer, soldering, welding of steels of valuable kinds, including stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, copper, treatment of large dimension units (up to 4,5 meters across diameter), three-dimensional spatial metal works, assembling and setting up of large dimension units (up to 20 meters height), high-accuracy bench works of details and assembly units, vacuum system testing, power trains, control systems, pneumo-, hydro- and electric distribution systems.

Assembling works:

manufacturing of machinery of various purposes: transformers, power supply units, control system, controllers, heating systems, woodworking, units of various purposes (i.e. sterilizers, machines for light industry), laying-out, press forming, bending, welding and assembling of thin-sheet metal articles (up to 6 millimeters), plating, printed circuit boards works, photo copying, silk screen works, electro polishing, etching processes, paint applications, including powder painting, sheet material works, agriculture engineering.


sawing of round wood, wood dehumidification, woodworking, laying-out, gluing, modeling, assembling.


manufacturing of details and units of small and middle dimensions, turning and milling of complicated details (up to 1000 mm length and 300 mm across diameter), polishing.


foundry of cast iron, aluminum alloys, hammering of blanks of constructional and tool steels and non-ferrous metals, pressing, casting of plastics, hardening, annealing, tempering, vacuum casting of electrical copper.

Subdivisions of auxiliary processes:

turning, milling and polishing works, manufacturing of mold stamps for press machines, metal works tools, sizing tools.

Shipping department:

delivery of spares and componentry, shipment of finished commodity by motor and railway transport, interplant transportation.