Vacuum melting and casting plant with preheating of molds for casting superalloys “VIPE-3M”

Модели: VIPE-3M


Plant “VIPE-3M” is designed for making equiaxed castings of heat-resistant alloys and steels in terms of mass production.

 Design features

Structurally the plant is made as single-chamber and consist of a vacuum melting chamber, vacuum system, thyristor power source and capacitor bank with dividing high-frequency transformer. The furnace design provides melting of superalloys blocks and pouring of casting blocks of height up to 370 mm and a diameter up to 220 mm. Plant has a modular structure: melting furnaces, molds heating furnaces and crucibles are replaceable.

Advantages of the model

Steel capacity of the plant’s melting crucibles is 15-25 kg. Size of replaceble melting crucibles takes from 40 to 70% of chamber’s volume. Heating of heating molds furnace provides using resistance heaters. Design of the inductor provides rigid fixation of the melting crucible in the inductor. Design of the inductor provides its replacement in 10-15 min. Applied power scheme allows the smooth power adjustment on the inductor of 5 kW. There is an opportunity to one-time additional charging during the melting process.


Power supply voltage, V 380 ± 10%
Rated frequency, Hz 50 ± 1
Number of phases 3
Installed capacity of power source “TPCT”, kW 250
Operating medium during melting Vacuum or inert gas
(for steel smelting)
Operating vacuum, mm Hg:
 - on a cold furnace
 - when melting
 - when pouring
1 х 10-4
5 х 10-3 - 5 х 10-2
5 х 10-3 - 5 х 10-2
Inleakage rate, l x µm Hg/sec,
not more (when cold crucible)
Pressure of the inert gas in the melting chamber,
mm Hg
Performance, molds/hour, not less 4
Temperature measurement of the melt Optical pyrometer
and immersion thermocouple
Maximum temperature of liquid metal, oС 1700
Mold pre-heating Yes
Maximum temperature of the heating mold, oС 1100
Maximum heating rate of the mold, oС/min 30
Melting rate, kg/min 4 x 5
Maximum size of the charge, mm Diameter 110, height 300
Maximum size of the molds under the fill, mm Height 370, diameter 220
Time of exposure of the filled mold in a vacuum, min Up to 10
Method of the filling Crucible is tilted by electro-
mechanical drive
Speed of the crucible rotation (casting speed) Adjustable
Maximum tilt angle
of the melting furnace crucible, О
 - forward tilt
 - back tilt
Overall dimensions, mm, not more
 - length
 - width
 - height