Vacuum melting plant “VIP-NK PM”

Plant “VIP-NK PM” is made for casting blades of special heat-resistant alloys, crystallizing at lower speeds at high thermal gradients, and for high-speed directional crystallization of the blades made of conventional heat-resistant alloys and for other parts castings. Control system of “VIP-NK PM” is made of modern computer elements. Operation of the system at the lower level is produced by the PLC type controller.


Melting and casting node
Melting crucible capacity
Maximum temperature of the melt
15 kg
1750 (+20)ОС
Molds heating furnace
Maximum operating temperature of the
molds heating furnace (MHF)
Heating molds in MHF at a given speed
Design of the MHF and heaters provides
the temperature drop in the operating space of the MHF
From 5-40ОС/min
Not more ± 5оС
Mechanism of vertical movement of molds
Range of operating speeds of molds movement
Max. (cruising) speed of molds movement
Max. progress of molds movement (molds dip)
Min. step of the of molds movement speed changing
From 0,1 to 170 mm/min
250 mm/min
300 mm
0,1 mm/min
Vacuum system
Residual pressure in a cool, dry,
empty furnace
Residual pressure at loaded
furnace in the operating cycle.
Residual pressure during melting, not less.
Inleakage in the total volume of the furnace,
not more (on a cold empty furnace)
Vacuum in the air lock chamber, PA (mm Hg)
Operating dimensions (W x H x D)
2 х 10-4 mm. Hg
From 1 х 10-3 mm. Hg
to 2 х 10-4 mm. Hg
From 1 х 10-3  to 1 х 10-2 mm. Hg
25 l x µm Hg/sec
138 х 10-1 (1 х 10-1)
180 х 450 х 430
Cooling system Dual circuit, with the separation of the primary circuit for cooling the furnace body, inductor, etc. (optional for additional payment)
Coolant of the secondary circuit Water from the existing cooling tower of the shop
(pressure of 1.5 + 0.5 atm)
Maximum water inlet temperature +25 оС
Minimum water inlet temperature +10 оС
Maximum dimensions of the plant (L x W x h) 8000 х 5500 х 6000 mm
Temperature range in the shop +18ОС...+32ОС
Relative humidity 75%
Voltage 380 ± 10% V
Air supply pressure 2 - 6 atm