Vacuum melting plant “UPPF-U4”

Plant “UPPF-U4” is made to produce shaped castings made of heat-resistant steels and alloys in vacuum.

Advantages of the model
- Removable melting crucibles.
- Feed of pouring molds in the induction heating furnace, and loading the melting furnace with the charge is carried out using vacuum technology valves. It ensures hold of the operating vacuum in the melting chamber during the process.
- Universal forms heating furnace with variable-constant temperature field along the height of the operating space allows to obtain products with equiaxed structure or with directional solidification.
- Permanent operating vacuum in the melting chamber provides protection of the filled molds from the rapid cooling. It prevents cracking of the melting crucible walls, pollution of the liquid metal by materials of the crucible, protects the melt from saturation of gas inclusions from the atmosphere (hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, etc.), increases the resistance of the melting crucible.
- In the operating process, the basic technological parameters are recorded continuously: operating vacuum, temperature of molds heating furnace, melt and cooling water temperature.
- Necessary locks provides reliable operation of the plant.
- Plant is equipped with modern computer control system, which ensures reliable continuous operation under the conditions of the foundry.


Operating vacuum, PA (mm Hg) 6,65 x 10-1 (5 x 10-3)
Melted metal Heat-resistant steels and alloys
Capacity of the melting crucible, kg 25 - 60
Temperature of melted metal, °C 1750
Power source TPCT-250
Temperature measurements by Immersed thermocouple and dual-frequency pyrometer
Temperature of molds heating furnace, °C Not more 1100
Operating dimensions of molds heating furnace, mm: height x diameter 600 x 500
Total installed power, kW 320
Overall dimensions, mm:
 - length
 - width
 - height
Weight, kg 19700