Vacuum melting plant “UPPF-300”

Vacuum melting and casting plant with molds heating furnace “UPF-300” is made to produce castings with equiaxed structure (blades) height to 300 mm.

Design features
Plant UPPF-300" includes functional blocks:
- Melting chamber unit with alloy melting node and molds filling node.
-  Loading chamber unit with molds heating furnace and technological vacuum shutter, enables loading and unloading of filled molds without depressurization of the melting chamber;
- Loading device providing the loading of the charge in the crucible and temperature measurements of the melt under vacuum conditions;
- Vacuum system, provides vacuum processing of the plant in the melting process and metal pouring;
- Water cooling system;
- Inert gas supply system (additional option);
- Independent water chiller (additional option).



Power supply voltage, V 380 ± 10%
Rated frequency, Hz 50 ± 1
Number of phases 3
Operating medium – vacuum, PA (mm Hg)
 - on a cold furnace
 - when melting
 - when casting alloy


6,65 x 10-1 (5 x 10-3)

6,65 (5 x 10-2)

0,665...6,65 (5 x 10-1...5 x 10-2)

Inleakage, l PA/sec (l µm Hg/sec) 3,325 (25)
Steel capacity of the melting crucible, kg 30
Melt temperature, °C, not more 1750
Molds heating furnace temperature, °C, not more 1100
Overall dimensions of the molds heating furnace operating space, mm, not less
 - diameter x height
350 x 550
Installed plant capacity, kW 350
Cooling water flow rate (theoretical) m3/h 6 x 8
Overall dimensions, mm, not more
 - length
 - width
 - height
Noise level, dB, not more 80
Weight, kg, not more 8000