Vacuum arc skull furnace “DVL-200DM”

Vacuum arc skull furnace “DVL-200DM” is based on popular plants “833-DM”, “DVL-200M” and designed for melting titanium alloys and subsequent casting in molds up to 200 kg by the method of consumable electrode.
During the melting, electrode has a negative electric charge, and the skull crucible is positive.
Furnace is for stationary casting usinge different molds.

Design features
Furnace consists of the following major mechanical components:
- Vacuum chamber is made of stainless steel for better vacuum conditions.
- Electrode and electrode feed system sections, including an electromechanical actuator for arc length accurately maintain.
- Pneumatic device for rapid lifting of the electrode before crucible tipping and the power supply (stock).
- Centrifugal table in a vacuum chamber for molds installation.
- Vacuum system.
- Electrical equipment.
- Pneumatic system.
- Computer control system ensure process control, visualization and archiving of the operating parameters.












Titanium capacity of the crucible, max. 200 kg
Melting current, max. 37,5 kA
Number of phases 3

Maximum overall dimensions of the mold
 (including sprue funnel):
- diameter x height

Circa 1300 х 1000 mm
Electrode size:
 - diameter, max.
 - length, max.
 - weight, max.

360±20 mm
1200 mm
800 kg
Vacuum in the melting chamber (cold furnace), not more 1 х 10-3 mm Hg
Magnitude of the inleakage on clean, empty
and dry plant after 5 hours of vacuum processing
20  l µm Hg/sec
Time of vacuum processing 50 min
Pulling electrode for crucible tilting, max. 6 sec