Floating zone refractory metals melting plant "BZP"

Melting plant “BZP” is made for refractory metals refining and obtaining single crystals by method of the floating zone melting with annular cathode heater.

Advantages of the model
Chamber is made of stainless steel with water cooling jacket. During the operating process, walls, bottom and top of the camera are cooling.
Electron beam heater (cathode node) is easily removable.
Rectangular sliding door is made with the water cooling jacket. Size of the door provides easy access to the units, which located inside the chamber, for service, loading/unloading, maintain the inner surface of the chamber.
Cathode unit is equipped with replaceable elements for growing single crystals of various materials and diameters.
Protection of the glass of inspection windows provides by using a strobe light. Protection of the operator from light radiation provides using a “Chameleon” filter.


Workpiece dimensions, mm:
 - diameter for Mo, Nb
 - diameter for W, Ta
 - length
10 - 40
10 - 30
50 - 800
Heater Electron-beam
ring type heater
Chamber volume, m3 1,85
Heater operating voltage, kV 2 - 12
Operating current of the heater, A 0,1 - 5
Power of the unit ~380/220 V, 50 Hz
Pneumatic power of the plant Compressed air with pressure 0,4-0,6 MPa (4-6 kgf/sm2)
Cooling system of the chamber, door and vacuum pumps Water
Water pressure in the cooling system, MPa 0,2 – 0,4
Vacuum in the chamber, mm Hg From 1 х 10-4 to 1 х 10-5

Rotation of the single-crystal seed and workpiece

- independently in opposite
Operation speed of single-crystal seed and
workpiece rotation, rpm
5 – 50
Moving of the single-crystal seed and workpiece - synchronously;
- independently
Operation speed of the molten zone movement,
0,5 - 10
Single-crystal seed and workpiece rapid movement, mm/min 2 – 200
Rated power, kW, not more 35
Power consumption, kW, not more 43
Overall dimensions, mm
 - length
 - width
 - height