Pellet and powder metallurgy


Plant for centrifugal spraying “UCRT-9”


Plant for centrifugal spraying “UCRT-9” is designed to produce highly reactive metal powders of metals, heat-resistant nickel and titanium alloys by centrifugal spraying of workpieces, plasma melted by the heater in an inert gas with simultaneous transportation of the obtained powder materials in bulk airtight container without contact with air.

Advantages of the model:

Cylinder spins in the drive of workpiece rotation is carried out by magnetic clutch.
Actuators block is universal (diameters of loaded electrodes is 50-60-70-80 mm...).
Wide range of the electrode feed significantly improves operation productivity.
Double-rod roller mechanism with buffer spring reduces vibration of the plant.
In the vacuum system are using quiet sliding vane rotary pumps and turbo-molecular pump, which reduces the pumping time.
Adjustment of the moving mechanism of the plasmatron is carried out by two coordinates.


Power supply voltage, V 380±10%
Rated frequency, Hz 50±1
Number of phases 3
Installed power, kW 230
Type of the plant Plasma,
centrifugal spraying
Productivity, kg/hour
 - in smelting operations
 - technological
110 - 120
Workpiece materials Heat-resistant nickel alloys
Dimensions of the remelted workpiece, mm:
 - diameter
 - length
 - weight, kg
Workpiece rotation speed, min-1 20000 - 24000
Cylinder diameter, mm 210
Cylinder length, mm 750
Number of pressure rollers, pcs 2 rollers on one axis
Pressing force of the roller, kgf 200
Cylinder rotation drive:
 - type
 - quantity, pcs.
Direct drive fron electric spindle to cylinders
Frequency of the cylinder rotation, min-1, not more 9300
Range of regulation of rotation speed 1 - 10
Output time from state of rest to rated speed, h 15 - 20
Power of the cylinder drive, kW 8,5
Shutdown time when engine is off, hour 15 - 20
Vacuum, mm Hg 5 х 10-5
Inleakage, l Pa/sec (l µm Hg/sec) 35
Pumped volume, m3 ~ 3
Time of pumping out to a residual pressure, min,
not more
Gas medium Gas mix  Аr + Не
in ratio ~ 1:9
Gas flow in the plasmatron circuit, l/min 200
Gas pressure in the melting chamber, MPa 0,015-0,02
Temperature of gas supplied to the plasmatron, °C, not more 30
Gas flow rate in the drives unit, l/min 500
Gas pressure in the drives unit, MPa 0,02
Temperature of gas, supplied to the cylinder chamber, °C, not more 30
Water supply system Closed loop
Power of plasmatron, kW, not more 200
Arc current, kA, not more 2,0
Nominal voltage, V, not more 120
Plasma gas flow rate, l/min, not more 200
Power supply capacity, kW, not more 200
Type of power source VPU-2500
Overall dimensions, mm, not more
 - length x width x height
10000 х 7500 х 6900