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Plant for electrochemical treatment “EHS-10BM”


Plant for electrochemical treatment “EHS-10BM” is designed in the way of modernization of serial plant “EHS-10B”. Technological capabilities werw expanded, as well as some of the disadvantages and inconveniences of maintenance, revealed in the operation process, were overcome. The plant “EHS-10BM” is intended for dimensional electrochemical treatment of steel and titanium blades of gas turbine engines (GTE) with length up to 120 mm. Plant is equipped with a pulse adjustable rectifier “VIRE-5000-1”.


Maximum length of the blade, mm 120
Number of electrodes, pcs 2
Operating clearance, mm 0,08 - 0,3
Operating feed rates of electrode, mm/min 0,01 - 25
Maximum stroke of feed drives movable sleeve, mm 60
Volume of the electrolyte tank, m3 1,5
Pressure of the electrolyte, m, not more 60
Flow rate of the electrolyte, m3/h, not more 40
Limits of the electrolyte operating temperature, oC 20 - 40
Operating current, A 300 - 5000
Operating voltage, V 10 - 40
Control system Controller DL-206
linear displacement resolution of operating units, mm 0,001
Overall dimensions, mm, not more
 - length x width x height
3700 x 6200 x 2000
Weight, kg, not more 6000
Area of the unit, m2 23