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Corner vacuum valves “UKVK” type


Corner vacuum valves “UKVK” type are complete with cylinders made by “CAMOZZI” (Italy) and designed for leak-free shutoff of vacuum and gas lines, operating in the pressure range from 1x10-5 to 1x105 Pa. Valves are powered with compressed air under pressure of at least 0.5 MPa. Direct performance of valves provides high throughput in stationary conditions. Corner vacuum valves “UKVK” type are installed on oil-vapor and a booster pumps in a vertical position with the valve down, in other cases - horizontally. Operating medium: air, non-corrosive gases.


Valve type “UKVK-25” “UKVK-100” “UKVK-250” “UKVK-500” 
Size of the outer flange
connection, mm
40 165 330 585
Overall dimensions
length x width x height, mm
155x95,5x190 290x180x353 429x392x845 790x790x1560
Number of bolt holes
of internal  diameter, mm
- 8 8 8
Internal  diameter, mm 25 100 250 500 
Time of open and closing, sec 1 1 4
Permissible value of inleakage in vacuum cavity, L / x Pa/sec 2,6 x 10-3 6,6 x 10-3 6,6 x 10-3 6,6 x 10-3
Average technical resource, cycle, not less 10 000 10 000 10 000 10 000
Stroke, mm 35 78 250  440