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Water heating unit “BV-1”



Water heating unit “BV-1” is designed for heating and hot water supply of small residential buildings.
Design of the water heating unit allows to install it outdoors.
Main type of fuel are: wood waste, off-grade wood, coal, peat briquette.
A large heat transfer area and the significant length of the flue gases path allows complete burning of fuel. Due to the adjustable flow of air into the combustion zone, fuel is used as efficiently as possible.
To accelerate the circulation of the coolant, provides the installation of the pump, that supplied by special agreement.


Installed power, kW 1,4 (with heater)
Rated voltage, V 220/380
Length of wood fuel, mm 800
Combustion chamber volume, m3 0,75
Amount of hot water, l 2550
The maximum temperature OC 80
Maximum thermal performance
at an efficiency of 0,75, Gcal/h (kW)
Overall dimensions, mm 2145 х 1825 х 2560
Feature heated objects Single-floor buildings area 800m2