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Water heating unit “BVU-120”


Water heating unit “BVU-120” is intended for heating water for single-floor and two-floor buildings, schools, hospitals, industrial facilities, bath and laundry factories, farm buildings, livestock farms, warehouses and other facilities of the area up to 1500 m2. The unit can be used for hot water supply with the heat exchangers (boilers) and as a part of heating system.


Features of the model (differences from “BV-1” and “BV-120”)

Unit “BVU-120” can be set on the foundation made of heat-resistant concrete height of 1000 mm, in which there is a furnace and fire grate made of cast iron  height of 90 mm, which allows to keep warm when burning fuel.
Universal design of the unit allows to use interchangeable fire grates depending on type of the using fuel.
In the foundation under combustion chamber is located fire bar to collect ash.
Water, heated in the contours of the unit, did not cool the combustion process, because the boiler is installed above the furnace.
To hold  the water temperature in the boiler in the absence of the combustion process, in the bottom part of the unit are installed three heaters with power capacity of 9 kW.
Expansion tank is mounted above the boiler.
The unit can be additionally equipped by a device for automated fuel supply.
Unit “BVU-120” is equipped with a system of forced heated air supply to the combustion fan, to maintain the set temperature.


Volume of heating water, L 1800
Rated voltage, V 220/380
Weight with concrete foundation, kg 5250
Combustion chamber volume, m3 0,93
Installed power, kW 9,4
Maximum temperature ОС 80
Maximum thermal performance
when efficiency = 0,75, Gcal/h (kW)
0,103 (120)
Overall dimensions (diameter x height), mm 1620 х 5115
Fuel type Wood waste,
wood pellets,
coal, peat briquette