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Pumping post “PO-1”


Pumping post “PO-1” is made for pumping the large multi-beam klystrons with oil-free pumping means.


Pumping post “PO-1” consists of the following components:

Heating chamber.
Bottom of the heating chamber.
Chamber lifting mechanism.
Products vacuum pumping system.
Chamber vacuum pumping system.
Dual-circuit water cooling system.
Electricity wires.
Pneumatic system.
Control system.
Furnace transformer.


Maximum dimensions of treated workpieces, mm
(including exhaust tube)
1000 х 450 х 450
Operating dimensions, mm
 - height x diameter
1200 х 900
Maximum weight of loaded products, not more, kg 50
Means of products pumping Oil-free
Ultimate vacuum of products pumping system, PA 2 х 10-6
After degassing, PA 2 х 10-7
Speed of action of high-vacuum multy-turbo-molecular oil-free pump for products pumping , l/s 300-500
Value of inleakage in high-vacuum part of the syste
 of products pumping (on helium), m3 x Pa/sec
Ultimate vacuum in the heating chamber, Pa 3 х 10-3
Time of the heating chamber pumping
to the pressure of 1,3-10-2 Pa, min
Maximum temperature in the heating chamber, °C 550
Accuracy of temperature hold, °C +5
Value of temperature variation in the heating operating area, °C +10