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Block-container “BC”


Block-container “BC” is designed for installation of unattended technological equipment and insurance of correct temperature and humidity modes of its work, as well as the creation of temperature and humidity for communications equipment in accordance with operating standards.

Design features
Block-container “BC” is made as welded steel fixed constructions. Main component parts are: the base, the roof, walls (exterior and interior trim), the door unit,  removable maintenance platform, removable canopy over the door, removable fence of the air conditioner.


Advantages of the model

Block-container “BC” is exploited outdoors at any time of day and year in climatic zones of trunk pipelines location on the territory of the Russian Federation.
Block-container “BC” is equipped with a system of technical means of protection, which provides a diagnosis of a fire (smoke and temperature) of block containers compartments,  fire fighting control system, security technological communication (signalization), remote monitoring and control of system of production and technological networks.
Block-container “BC is protected from unauthorized access, vandalism and other illegal actions.


Minimum air temperature, oС -45
Maximum air temperature, oС +45
Humidity of the outside air, % 15 - 80
Ultimate wind load, kgf/m2 48
Ultimate snow load, kgf/m2 260
Overall dimensions, mm 6000 x 2500 x 2900
Weight of the installed equipment, not more, kg 5500
Gross weight of the container, not more, kg 10000