Universal plasma plant “UPU-10”


Universal plasma plant “UPU-10” is designed for metal, ceramic powders plasma spraying on the surface of parts. It allows to made wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, friction, insulation, and other special plasma coatings from two powder dispensers simultaneously.


Design features

Universal plasma plant “UPU-10” consist of the following main assemblies:
- Plasmatron.
- Powder feeding system, consist of two dispensers.
- Unit of the gas components.
- Autonomous  cooling system (optional).
- Modern automated system of the plasma spraying process control on basis of programmable controller “DirectLogic” type.
- Upgraded rectifier model “VPN-650”.
- Gas and electric wires.


Installed plant power, kW 120
Operating voltage range of the plasmatron, V 25-70
Current regulation, %, not more 3
Amount of powder dispensers, pcs 2
Volume of the dispensers, m3 45 х 10-4
Maximum feed rate of powder dispenser, kg/h
 - Al2O3
 - W
5 ± 0.25
20 ± 1
Plasma-forming gases Argon, nitrogen