Electron-beam equipement


Electron-beam welding plant “ELU-20RZ”


Electron-beam welding plant “ELU-20RZ” is made for precision electron-beam welding of circumferential, circular, line welds of parts made of high-strength steels and alloys based on nickel, titanium, niobium, molybdenum, copper, aluminum and dissimilar metal materials of thickness up to 100 mm.

Electron-beam welding plant “ELU-20RZ” allows to eliminate the influence of subjective factors on the welding process by strengthening the streamlined technological process in control program and locking out unauthorized changes to programs. It helps to achieve high stability of technological parameters, to increase the accuracy of mechanical movements, to improve the working comfort of for the operator-welder by integrating computer control system into the workplace. Improving the maintainability of the plant is achieved by automatically diagnosing and testing of the equipment by computer control system.

This plant allows to produce interpolation control of the mechanical coordinates and technological parameters (process current, focus current, deflecting systems currents, etc.);

Plant is equipped with computer control system. In automatic mode it provides control processes for the preparation of vacuum, software control of the welding process, automatic control of the welding mode main parameters, printing of welding technological documentation, which contains the part number, characteristics of the welding process, identified deviations from standard technological parameters, the date and the name of the operator-welder.


Operating volume of the vacuum chamber, m3 17,6
Internal dimensions of vacuum chamber (LxWxH), mm 4000 х 2200 х 2000
X-ray radiation at a distance of 100 mm
from the plant surface, ìR/h
Operating pressure in the chamber, Pa 1,3 х 10-2 (1 х 10-4 mm Hg)
Operating pressure in electrone-beam gun, Pa 6,6 х 10-3 (5 х 10-5 mm Hg)
Time to reach operating pressure in the vacuum
chamber and EBG when repeated pumping, min
Not more 20
Time of air inlet into the chamber, min Not more 2
Carrying capacity of welding manipulator:
 - console consolidation, kg
 - rear center, kg
Number of controlled axes of movement, pcs.
 - manipulator with horizontal axis of rotation;
 - manipulator with vertical axis of rotation
 - EBG (electron-beam gun) movement
Not less 5
4 (X, Y, Z, XZ)
Location of the EBG  Inside chamber
on manipulator
EBG movement:
 - by the longitudinal coordinate (X), mm
 - by the transverse coordinate (Y), mm
 - by vertical coordinate (Z), mm
Maximum speed of the EBG movement, mm/sec 30 - 40
EBG rotation in the plane XZ
Angle of EBG to the plane, deg. 0 - 90
Spindle speed, rpm 0,05 - 6
Maximum overall dimensions of the welded
parts on the manipulator,
diameter x length x height, mm
Min 50 - max 1000 х 2500 х 800
Thickness of the welded metal (steel), mm 50
Accelerating voltage of EBG, kV 60
Power of EBG, kW 28 - 30
Service life of the cathode, hour 10
Solid angle of beam deflection, deg. 14
Recording of welding process testing results Recording and outputting
the main modes of the welding
on the monitor
Trajectory of the beam sweep

Any set by the CNC program

Visualization and determination of the junction path Electronic (with the accuracy of determination
of less than ±0.1 mm), visual-television
Plant control CNC and manual control
Cooling system   Autonomous, closed-loop,
from industrial chiller
Compressed air supply Standalone, from compressor
Dimensions (LxWxH), mm 11350 х 7000 х 3000
Plant weight, kg 20000