Electron-beam equipement


Energy welding complex “BEVS-60/15”

Energy welding complex “BEVS-60/15” is consist of: an electron optical system - electron-beam gun (“EPN-60/15”), high-voltage power source (“IVS-60/15”), magnetic lenses and cathode glow power sources, control systems. Main parameters of the energy complex are determined by the thickness and thermophysical characteristics of welded materials, requirements to the penetration shape ratio.

Welding gun “EPN-60/15”

Energy welding complex “BEVS-60/15” is equipped with the filamentary gun “EPN-60/15”, powered by a high voltage stabilized power source “IVS-60/15M”. On-chamber electron-beam gun (EBG) can be installed in any position on the chamber. 


Power source “IVS-60/15”

Power source “IVS-60/15” is made to supply electron ray guns of the family EG (EGO - on- chamber gun, “EGI” – in-chamber gun, “EGS” - small cannon) with a direct current.
“IVS-60/15” is a semiconductor rectifier with a rigid volt-ampere characteristic.


Technical specifications of the electron ray gun “ERG-60/15”
Operation accelerating voltage, kV 60
Test accelerating voltage, kV 75
Operation current of the electron beam, mA, not more 220
Test current of the electron beam, max, mA 250
Cathode Metal (Та; W)
Focal length, mm 100 - 300
Service life of the cathode, hour, not less 100
Replacement time of cathode and alignment, not more, hour 1
Cooling system Transformer oil
Technical specifications of power source “IVS-60/15”
Accelerating voltage, kV 60
Test current beam, mA, not more 250
Current in the focusing coil, max, A 1
Speed of response of closed circuit current of the beam, not more, sec 0,1
Instability of accelerating voltage for 0.25 hour, not less, % 0,5
Pulse of accelerating voltage, not less, % 0,5
Ripple current of the beam, not less, % 0,5
Instability of the focusing system current for 1 hour, not less, % 0,1
Angle of beam deflection, deg ±20
Scan frequency, Hz 0 - 1000
Current in the deflecting coils, max, A 3