Electron-beam equipement


Vacuum electron-beam plant “UE-500”

Vacuum electron-beam plant “UE-500” is designed for applying of single layer and multilayer metallic, oxide, carbide coatings on various products  in vacuum. These coatings allow to exploit products under more severe conditions compared to unprotected.

Vacuum electron-beam plant “UE-500” also allows to obtain the condensation of the materials, produce the melting of the workpiece.

Vacuum electron-beam plant “UE-500” is a complex of vacuum chambers with mechanisms and devices for carrying out the technological process of electron-beam coating of various products.

On the bottom of the operating chamber is docked the crucibles block, which consists of four water-cooled copper crucibles and four mechanisms for feeding of  evaporated ingots. Loading evaporated ingots is carried on from top of the unit.

For evaporation of materials from the crucible there are four electron-beam guns with a filamentary cathodes.

For heating products, there are two similar electron guns.

Two synchronously operating gates are installed for shielding products during the heating of evaporated material and products to establish a stable technological process.

To evaluate the amount of coating, uses the sample with a strain gauge system. To control the thickness of deposited coating, the level of the molten pool in the crucible, measuring the products temperature by using pyrometers, on and in the front covers there are provided vacuum feedthroughs points, allowing to point the control device to the desired aim.



Dimensions of the cylindrical cartridge with products, mm, not more:
 - diameter
 - length
Speed of product rotation on a horizontal stock, rpm 1 - 50
Number of crucibles, pcs 4
Inner diameter of the crucible, mm 70
Length of the evaporated ingot, mm, not more 500
Ingots feed speed, mm/min, not more 0,3 - 30
Number and rated power of the electron guns n x kW:
 - for the evaporation of material from the crucible
 - for heating products
4 x 100
2 x 100
Nominal operation accelerating voltage, kV 30
Operation vacuum in the chambers, Pa (mm Hg), not more 6 x 10-3 - 6 x 10-2
(5 x 10-5 - 5 x 10-4)
Vacuumization time of the lock chamber, not more, min 2 - 3
Time of shutter opening, not more, sec 8 - 10
Rated supply voltage of three-phase AC 50Hz, V 380
Cooling water pressure, Pa (kg/cm2), not more 3 x 105 - 4 x 105 (3 - 4)
Cooling water flow rate (at a temperature 15OC), m3/h, not more 15
Pressure of hot water (60-80OC), Pa (kg/cm2), not more 3 x 105 - 4 x 105 (3 - 4)
Hot water flow rate, m3/h, not more 0,5
Overall dimensions, mm, not more:
 - length
 - width
 - height
Weight (with power supply), kg, not more 25 000