Power sources


Thyristor current transducers “TPCT-250”, “TPCT-320”

Thyristor current transducers “TPCT-250”, “TPCT-320 are designed to standalone work as a module in the power supply systems of vacuum induction furnaces of vacuum and opened melting of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, through heating, thermal treatment.


Welding rectifiers “VSVU-400”, “VSVU-800”

Welding rectifiers “VSVU-400”, “VSVU-800” are made for power supply of automatic and manual arc welding  plants of continuous and pulsed arc welding  of  heat-resistant, corrosion-resistant steels and titanium alloys by non-consumable electrode in argon medium. It is also possible carbon steels welding by covered electrodes.


AC power source “ISVU-630”

Power source AC “ISVU-630” is designed for automatic, semi-automatic, manual, continuous and pulse (pulsating) electric arc non-consumable electrode welding of aluminum alloys in argon medium.


Rectifier for electrochemical treatment "VIRE-5000”

Pulse adjustable rectifier for electrochemical treatment “VIRE-5000” is made for power supply of plants of electrochemical treatment of heat-resistant and titanium materials by direct and pulse current in conditions of mild and cold climates.


Rectifier for plasma spraying “VPN-650”

Rectifier “VPN-650” is designed to power the  plasma spraying plants. It is made by scheme of the thyristor rectifier with water cooling.


Rectifier for vacuum spraying “VVN-1000”

Rectifier for vacuum spraying “VNR-1000” is designed to power plants of vacuum spraying “APN-250M”.