Power sources


AC power source “ISVU-630”


Power source AC “ISVU-630” is designed for automatic, semi-automatic, manual, continuous and pulse (pulsating) electric arc non-consumable electrode welding of aluminum alloys in argon medium.
To generate pulses of welding current in the circuit, applies trigger unit, which sends a signal to the control unit. When operating with feedback, circuit of the power source provides formation of vertical external current-voltage characteristics, in which the current value in the operating range is not affected to the resistance of the arc gap and the voltage drop on it.
To maintain the arc burning in the transition of the current curve through zero value in the scheme is applied the stabilizer of the arc, which is synchronized with the power supply and the load, and sends high voltage pulses to the arc gap.
For the non-contact excitation of the arc at the beginning of welding is applied the series switched oscillator.


Rated welding current at the duration of the cycle 60 min, A 630
Duty cycle,% 60
Adjustment range of welding current, A 30 - 700
Adjustment range of duty current, A 30 - 250
Nominal operating voltage, V 30
Adjustment range of pulse and pause duration, sec 0,1 - 1,0
Power consumption, kW 85
Overall dimensions, mm:
 - length
 - width
 - height
Weight, kg 940