Power sources


Rectifier for electrochemical treatment "VIRE-5000”


Pulse adjustable rectifier for electrochemical treatment “VIRE-5000” is made for power supply of plants of electrochemical treatment of heat-resistant and titanium materials by direct and pulse current in conditions of mild and cold climates.


Principle of operation

Power three-phase transformer is made with a water-cooled secondary windings.  Power adjustable rectifier with thyristors in a three-phase bridge circuit performs rectification and voltage regulation on the secondary side of the power transformer. At the output of the bridge controlled rectifier is connected LC filter. Power transistor switch is made on the basis on IGBT transistors and is made to generate a pulsed output voltage.

Interruption of current in pulsed mode is performed with variable frequency and pulse duration, set from the control panel of the rectifier or external control system. Parameters of the pulse mode are displayed by a digital indicator.
Repetition frequency and pulse duration of the output voltage are set from the control panel of the rectifier or from the signals of external control panel and displayed by a digital indicator on the control panel.



In DC mode:
 - nominal output voltage, V
 - nominal output current, A
 - adjustment range of output voltage,
 - adjustment range of the load current, A
14 - 30
500 - 5000
In pulsed current mode:
 - adjustment range of the output voltage peak value, V
 - maximum amplitude value of the output current
 at a pulse duration Timp. d” - 1ms, A,
 - adjustment range of the pulse duration, msec
 - adjustment range of the pulse repetition rate, Hz
18 - 30
0,2 - 19,5
50 - 300
Voltage of three-phase power supply (frequency of 50 Hz), V  
Pressure of the water supply, MPa 380 ± 10%
Overall dimensions, mm, not more
 - length x width x height
800 x 1750 x 1270
Weight, kg, not more 650