Radial cantilever machine for argon-arc welding “ARC-4A”


Radial cantilever machine for argon-arc welding “ARC-4A” is made for argon-arc welding of circumferential and longitudinal welds of stainless, titanium and heat-resistant superalloys in the horizontal plane by the tungsten electrode in argon. Plant includes a welding head “ASGV-4ARC”, which is attached to the movable carriage and produce operating and tuning of burner movements:
a) burner installation movements (vertically in the setting mode) and the automatic maintenance of the set value of the arc gap,
b) burner installation movements on welded joint in the transverse direction in the setup mode,
c) installed movements of the welding wire tip relative to the burner: vertically, in the transverse direction and set it in the plane of the weld at the optimum angle,
d) reverse of the burner in the plane of the welding at an angle of +90 and its subsequent fixation.
To install the console with the carriage and welding head in the proper welding position, the plant has all necessary adjusting movements:
- column around a vertical axis,
- console along the column,
- carriage with a welding head along the console.
For the precise mounting of the electrode on the welded joint, the welding head has all the necessary adjusting movement.

Advantages of the model

- High reliability of the plant and all its component parts construction.
- Easy adaptation to existing technical equipment.
- Increased resistance to external influences.



Nominal power supply voltage, V 380 ± 10%
Nominal welding current, A 400
Length of a welded joint, mm 2600
Vertical stroke of the console, mm 2700
Adjustment range of the welding speed, m/sec 0,001 - 0,02
Speed of the console movement, m/sec 0,020
Pressure in the pneumatic system, MPa (kgf/cm2) 0,5  (5)
Speed of the console rotation, rad./sec
 - quickly
 - slowly
Angle of column rotation, O 340
Overall dimensions, mm:
 - length x width x height

4100 x 1320 x 4530
Weight, kg 2500