Plant for argon-arc welding of circumferential seams “USK-22MK”


Plant for argon-arc welding of circumferential seams “USK-22MK” is made for automatic argon arc welding of circumferential joints of tubes, pipes, stocks, struts made of anticorrosive heat-resistant structural steels and alloys in inert gas medium with the filler wire or without it with non-consumable electrode. Plant allows to weld butt joints of the solids of revolution in the lower position and welding of the corner, tee and lap joints of solids of revolution using the weld head tilt at an angle of ±45°.


Diameters of the welded parts with a horizontal axis
of rotation at various positions
of the welding head relative to the vertical, mm
 - the head is positioned vertically
 - the head is rotated to 45° counterclockwise
 - the head is rotated to 45° clockwise
20 - 450
400 - 700
100 - 400
Length of the welded parts using the tailstock, mm 1000
Angle of inclination of the rotation axis
of the manipulator chuck plate relative to the frame, °
0 - 90
Thickness of the welded materials, mm 1,2 - 15
Power supply voltage at frequency 50 Hz, V 220/380
Nominal welding current, A 315
Welding speed at different positions of the removable
gear box of the manipulator and the nominal speed
rpm motor (3300 rpm), m/sec
0,0011 - 0,0055
Feed rate of filler wire, m/sec 0,0027 - 0,024
Speed of movement of the welding head, m/sec 0,0011 - 0,0055
Magnitude of the welding head vertical movement,
mm, not less
Diameter of the tungsten electrode, mm 1 - 6
Diameter of the filler wire, mm 1,2; 1,6; 2,0
Maximum allowable tracking error for the set magnitude
of the arc gap (in automatic mode), mm
Weight, kg 1200