Plant for automatic argon-arc welding of circumferential seams “USK-2500R”



Plant for automatic argon-arc welding “USK-2500R” is made for welding of circumferential seams.


Design features

On the frame rails of the plant “ USK-2500R” is a lunette moving along the rails. The spindle of the rotator is hollow, that provides argon flow to protect the weld bottom run. Tailstock with spring-loaded movable sleeve serves to tightening welded nodes to the pipe when weld is shrinking.

Welding head “ASGV-4ARC” is located on the carriage, movable on the guide beam in parallel to the plant frame. Mechanisms of the welding head equipped with modern servo drives with “MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC” motors.

Also the plant is equipped with a mechanism of linear movement (length of 3000 mm), electric gear cabin, operator control panel, gas block, universal rectifier for welding with non-consumable electrode “VSVU-400” and gas and electricity wires.









Dimensions of the welded products:
 - maximal diameter of the workpiece
 installed on the frame, mm
 - maximal length of workpiece, mm



Number of rotator revolutions, rpm 0,1-10
Regulation of numbers of rotator revolutions Stepless
Power of the rotator electric motor, kW 1,0
Stable speed of the filler wire feed, m/h 10-80
Diameter of the filler wire, mm 1,2; 1,6; 2,0
Frequency of the burner oscillation, Hz
Amplitude of burner oscillations, mm ±1…±5
Installed moving of the welding head by the beam Mechanical
Moving the tailstock along the base guides Mechanical
Adjustment range of welding current, A 5 x 400