Plant for welding in a controlled medium “USKS-27”


Plant for welding in a controlled operating medium “USKS-27” is designed for automatic and manual arc welding with non-consumable electrode in a controlled medium of circumferential and longitudinal seams of parts made of reactive metals and alloys, mounted on the chuck plate of the rotator, with the filler wire or without it.

Maximum diameter of the welded products is 800 mm, maximum height is 800 mm, maximum weight of the welded product is 250 kg.

Plant allows to weld butt, tee, lap joints of solids of revolution with a horizontal axis of rotation at different positions of the welding head in automatic mode - from vertical to deployed at an angle of ±45° from the vertical.

When setting the axis of rotation in the vertical position, it is possible to carry out welding of edge connections of solids of revolution in the vertical position of the head. It is able to produce welding to the body elements of bends, fittings, connections, brackets, etc. by manual welding burners at 150 A and 400 A.

In automatic mode, the welding of the connections may be produced by oscillation of the electrode or without is. Welding butt joints can be made with automatic maintenance of a predetermined value of the arc gap.



Dimensions of the welded parts and assembly units, mm, not more (length x diameter x height) 800 х 800 х 800
Maximum weight of the welded product, kg 250
Dimensions of the operating space of the vacuum chamber, mm (length x width x height) 2000 х 2076 х 2984
Chamber volume, m3 12,4
Ultimate vacuum in the chamber, Pa (mm Hg) 6,6 х 10-3(5 х 10-5)
Time of vacuumiation, min 20 - 30
Time of filling the chamber with argon, min 1 - 3
Controlled operating medium Argon
Number of glove inputs 4
Number of manual welding torches:
 - 150 A
 - 400 A
Number of automatic welding heads 1
Maximum welding current, A 400
Number of manipulator operating coordinates 3
Angle of inclination of the axis of rotation of the chuck rotator
relative to the frame, deg.
0 - 90
Maximum angle of the chuck rotation, deg. ±360
Frequency of the chuck rotation, rpm. 0,025 - 2,5
Longitudinal movement of the welding head console, mm 1110
Vertical movement of the welding head console, mm 545
Transverse movement of the welding head, mm 630
Vertical movement of the welding head, mm 230
Transverse movement of the rotator, mm 200
Speed of automatic arc welding, m/sec 0,0014 - 0,017
Feed rate of filler wire, m/sec 0,0028 - 0,028
Diameter of the tungsten electrode, mm 1 - 6
Diameter of the filler wire, mm 1,2; 1,6; 2,0
Amplitude of the electrode vibrations, mm ±1 - ±5
Oscillation frequency of the electrode, rps 25
Control of the movements of the rotator with the product
and tilt of the chuck plate

From welder console
Turning of a power source, current adjustment From welder console
or foot switch
Turning of longitudinal, transverse and vertical
movements of the welding head
From welder console
Power consumption, kW, not more 50
Overall dimensions, mm
(length x width x height)
7465 х 6160 х 3950