Plant for welding valves to the pipelines “UST-9M”


Plant for welding valves to the pipelines “UST-9M” is made for gas-shielded  (argon, helium) welding of valves and other reinforcement (diameter 20-200 mm) made of aluminum, titanium, steel to the pipes in fixed position by non-consumable electrode with filler wire in vertical and horizontal locations of the plane of the welded joint and the angular variations of inclination of the welding head with the programming by welding current depending on the spatial position of the burner.


Rated welding current (DC=60%), A 200
Power supply voltage (frequency 50 ± 1 Hz), V 380/220
Power consumption, kW 23
Diameter of the welded pipes, mm 20 - 200
Thickness the pipeline walls, mm 1 - 2
Diameter of the tungsten electrode, mm 2 - 4
Welding speed, m/hour 4 - 24
Rate of filler wire feed, m/hour 8 - 80
Diameter of the filler wire, mm 0,8 - 1,6
Magnitude of the pneumatic cylinder axial force, kg To 500
Type of welding current AC, DC in continuous
and pulse modes
Power sources “VSVU-400” или “ISVU-630”
Overall dimensions, mm 2550 х 600 х 2000
Weight, kg 1130