Complex plant for welding by immersed electrode “SKPD-2500”


Complex plant for welding by immersed electrode “SKPD-2500” is made for welding of longitudinal and circumferential seams of parts made of structural, heat-resistant, corrosion-resistant steels, titanium and aluminum alloys, by immersed non-consumable electrode.

The essence of this welding method is immersion of burning arc in an inert gas medium (argon or helium), between a tungsten electrode and the welded metal. It allows to weld parts of thickness 6-55 mm in one pass without cutting the welded edges.

Advantages of the model

Attachment point of welding head “GSPD-1M” to the plant console and safety straps, that holds the rollers of copying support, are reinforced. Gas and cooling systems are improved. Helium flow rate is controlled.

Drives of electrode vertical movement and console horizontal movement are equipped with a feedback photosensor. The software implementation of welding process control algorithms is carried out in modes CR (current regulator) and VR (voltage regulator).

Modern control system ensures reliable protection of the tungsten electrode with a toroidal operating section from molten metal of reservoir during immersion. Use of this type of electrodes allows to exclude tungsten inclusions in the seams, to reduce the welding seam shape factor and power imputs.

The application of the source of the duty arc (tertiary winding of the transformer) can reduce power imputs in 2.5 times.


Power supply voltage, V 380
Maximum stroke of the console, mm 2500
Regulation range of the console movement speed, m/sec 0,0013 - 0,021
Console lifting speed, m/sec:
 - marching
 - adjustment
Angle of console rotation around the vertical axis, ° 350
Overall dimensions, mm
 - length x width x height

4150 x 1350 x 4700

Weight, kg 3545