Head for welding by immersed electrode “GSPD-1M”


Head for welding by immersed electrode “GSPD-1M” is made for welding of circular, circumferential and longitudinal seams of workpieces and products made of anticorrosive, aluminum, magnesium and titanium alloys, by non-consumable electrode arc DC in inert gases medium. Welding is performed with automatic maintenance of a constant depth of weld penetration, even in the presence of random perturbations.


Thickness of the workpiece, mm To 40
Maximum welding current, A 2000
Type of welding current Direct current
Diameter of the tungsten electrode, mm 8; 10
Shielding gas Argon; argon+helium
Size of immersed electrode, mm 22
Speed of electrode immersion, m/sec 0,0002...0,0015
Speed of torch movement in a transverse direction, m/sec 0,001...0,005
Speed of electrode movement in the vertical direction, m/sec 0,001...0,005
Dimensions of the welding head, mm 525 x 492 x 892
Weight, kg 50