Welding head for argon-arc welding “ASGV-4ARK”


Welding head for argon-arc welding “ASGV-4ARK” is made for automatic arc welding with non-consumable electrode of products made of structural steels, stainless steels, heat resistant steels and alloys, as well as the welding of titanium and aluminum alloys by continuously burning and pulsed arc of DC and AC current with a transverse oscillations of the electrode relative to the joint.
On customer’s request welding head can be equipped with a mechanism for electrode oscillations.
Unit is consist of a welding head, electricity wires cabin, gas and electricity wires, welding remote control, gas control unit, holder, universal welding rectifier “VSVU-400”.



Rated welding current at duty cycle = 60%, A 400
Nominal power supply voltage, V 380/220
Maximum power consumption, kW 19,5
Diameter of the tungsten electrode, mm 1 - 5
Diameter of the filler welding wire, mm 0,8 -  2
Control range of stable
feed speed of filler welding wire, m/h
8 - 80
Installation moving of the burner, mm 100
Angle of the burner in the plane of welding,° ±90
Amplitude of the burner oscillations, mm ±(1 - 4)
Frequency range of the burner oscillations, vps 0,5 - 2,5
Power supply «VSVU-400» («ISVU-400»)
Dimensions of the welding head, mm:
 - length
 - width
 - height
Head weight, kg 22