Induction heating plant “PIN-1”


Induction heating plant “PIN-1” is made for pre-annealing of ceramic molds before pouring the metal.
Heating the mold is producing by radiation from a thin-walled muffle, heated by electromagnetic energy of high frequency, generated by the inductor.
Due to the large radiation surface of the muffle and reliable insulation, made of modern materials, ensures the power, required to heat the mold. It allows to load molds in a cold furnace, providing the rate of molds heating, required by the technology.



Power supply voltage, V 380
Rated frequency, Hz 50
Number of phases 3
Installed power, kW 280
Operating dimensions, mm:
 - length x width x height
1550 x 600 x 550
Maximum operating temperature 1200
Furnace heating time to the operating temperature, min 40
Number of control points 3
Operating medium Air
Power source “TPCT-250”
Power output, kW 250
Output voltage, kW 150 - 750
Output current, A 25 - 600
Rated frequency, Hz 2400
Cooling water flow rate, m3/h 9
Cooling water pressure, MPa 0,2 - 0,25
Occupied area, m2 10
Overall dimensions, mm:
 - length x width x height
2600 x 4000 x 2600