Induction heating plant “PIN-P”


Induction heating plant “PIN-P” is made for manifold soldering in argon medium in an airtight container placed in the inner space of the furnace.
The part (workpiece) in an airtight container is mounted on the stock, rotated by adjustable-speed drive. Container is pre-vacuumized, filled with argon and moved into the operating space of the furnace using a loading device. In the operating space of the furnace it is heating and holding at a temperature of 1000-1100°C. After soldering the container is removed from the furnace by the loading device. Then product is cooling by intensive purging the container with argon. Technological process is carried out during rotation of the container.


Power supply voltage, V 380
Rated frequency, Hz 50
Number of phases 3
Installed power, kW 280
Heating temperature of the muffle, °C 1200
Dimensions of the workspace, mm:
 - diameter
 - length
Overall dimensions of the container, mm:
 - diameter
 - length
Container weight (with the product), kg 200
Furnace preheating temperature, °C 1200
Furnace time to reach a temperature of 1200 °C, min 60 - 90
Soldering temperature, °C 1000 - 1100
Container rotation frequency, rpm 1 - 5
Argon flow rate, l/min 4 - 18
Cooling water flow rate, m3/hour 10
Power source “TPCT-250”
Furnace overall dimensions, mm:
 - length x width x height
7700 x 3300 x 3530