Electric vacuum furnace “PEV-5,5/1200”

Elevator vacuum furnace “PEV-5,5/1200” is made for heat treatment of parts with oil hardening. It consists of a vertical vacuum chamber, made of cooling chamber, the intermediate section and the heating chamber. It is mounting at the zero mark of the shop basement. Under the overpass, surrounding the vacuum chamber, are located: vacuum system, autonomous system of circulating water cooling and service platform.
Vacuum system consists of two lines – high vacuum and low vacuum. It is equipped with modern certified instrumentation of pressure and heating temperature measurement.
 Vacuum system has manual and automatic control modes.
There are an increased level of security, protection from oil ingress into the heating chamber, automatic shutdown of the vacuum system pumps and emergency valves closing provided in the plant construction.
Control system is built on the PCL-PC structure and includes a programmable logic controller of DL-205 family made by “PLC Direct by Koyo Inc” and industrial computer with touch screen. Automated operator workplace is equipped by the industrial computer.



Maximum operating temperature, °C, not less 1200
Maximum charge dimensions, diameter x height, mm 500 x 500
Heating zone, pcs. 2 (top and bottom)
Installed power, kW, not more 138
Weight of charge, kg, not more 200
Operating medium:
 - when heating and exposure
 - when cooling
Vacuum, vacuum oil
Ultimate vacuum, Pa (mm Hg) 6,65 x 10-2(5 x 10-4)
Voltage, V 380/220
Frequency, Hz 50
Water flow rate, m3/hour, not more 12,5
Weight of furnace, kg, not more 8530
Transportation time from heating to cooling zone,
sec, not more
Time of vacuumisation, min, not more 25
Temperature uniformity in operating space
in the stabile state within temperature range 500-1100°C,
not more