Modernisation of thermal plants “ULVAC-60”, “ULVAC-90”

Main directions of modernization

Manufacturing of heating and cooling chambers, covers and doors of the heating chamber and cooling chambers from stainless steel.
Production of new graphite heaters.
Full replacement of carbon-carbon thermal insulation of the heating chambers, dampers, shutters, tables.
Manufacturing of parts of the chambers and tables for lifting-lowering of heat-resistant steels charges.
Modernization of the vacuum system with the replacement of pumps, valves using modern means of control and measurements of vacuum.
Complete replacement of the cooling system using a vertical pressure reservoirs and drain with modern control sensors.
Complete replacement of pneumatic systems using modern control valves, chokes, mufflers.
Complete replacement of seals.
Complete replacement of gas purification system using modern control and purification means of the gaseous medium. Manufacture of other nodes according to customer’s requirement.
Full or partial replacement of cooling elements of the heat exchanger.

Equipping units with a modern control system, implemented on the following principles:

Control system is based on industrial computer and industrial programmable logic controllers network, based on network control principle. It allows to provide complete automation of the technological process, exclude the influence of human factors on the operation and the equipment, to minimize the mounting of electrical circuits and wires.
Automated operator workplace based on an industrial PC with a touch screen, allows to visually monitor the current state of mechanisms, components, values control parameter, to observe in the dynamics of the process of annealing.
Control system of the plant operation is providing in four modes: “Setup”, “Programming”, “Manual”, “Automatic”.