Electro-thermal compression plants “EKU-N”, “EKU-N1”, “EKU-N2”


Plants “EKU-N”, “EKU-N1”, “EKU-N2” are made for the manufacture of assembly units of liquid-propellant rocket engines combustion chambers.
Plants “EKU-N” type are mechanized muffle induction high frequency furnaces, equipped with a chamber, loading-unloading device, vacuum system, power supply and automatic technological process control equipment.
Heating of the treated assembly unit is processed by radiation of thin-walled screen-muffle, heated by energy of the electromagnetic field, generated by the inductors.
Loading of assembly parts with technological equipment into the operating space of the furnace is carried out by the loading and unloading device.
Rotation of the assembly part with technological equipment is processed by a spindle of loading and unloading device of the asynchronous type motor with variable speed drive.
Pumping the atmosphere from the cavity of the assembly unit is carried out through the hollow spindle of the vacuum system of the loading and unloading device.
Compression of the walls and assembly part jacket is achieved by excess pressure of the inert gas medium, created in the volume of the furnace.
Forced cooling of assembly part under excess pressure is achieved by forced circulation of the atmosphere in a closed circuit: operating space of the furnace – heat exchanger – fan – operating space of the furnace.



«EKU-N» «EKU-N2»
Dimensions of the assembly part, mm, not more
 - diameter
 - length
Maximum temperature of heating, °C 1250
Time of heating assembly part
to operating temperature, min.

Not more 90,0

Cooling time of the assembly part from the
temperature of 1200°C to a temperature of 600°C, min

Not more 25,0

Uneven of assembly part heating up
to operating temperature, min.
Number of measured temperature
points on the assembly part, pcs

Residual pressure in the cavity of the assembly part
in the place of vacuum system pipe
interconnection to the coupling shaft manipulator, mm Hg

Not more  1 x 10-2
Residual pressure in the operating volume
of the compression body
before filling it with an inert gas, PA
Excess pressure in the working volume
of the compression body, MPa
0,6 1,2 0,6
Technological process
from filling the compression body with an inert gas
to depressurization of the compression body
after cooling assembly part
Automatically by the programm
Rotation frequency of assembly part
(adjustable), min-1
From 4,0 to 15,0
Inductor power voltage, V From 0 to 800
Frequency of the inductor current
(nominal), Hz

Operating frequency range, Hz 1000 - 4000
Power of the inductor, kW 400 700 800