Furnace for thermal treatment “ARTN-6,5”



Furnace for thermal treatment “ARTN-6,5” is made for hardening, annealing and artificial ageing of sheets, profiles and other parts made of aluminum alloys.
Design of the furnace ensures the compliance of products heat treatment to the set program.
Furnace has a vertical design: a heating chamber located at the top. Parts and workpieces are downloading from the floor level (zero level), hardening tank is dipped into the floor.
For loading and unloading the thermally treated product there are devices (mechanisms) with modern variable speed drives, providing smooth acceleration, braking, accurate positioning, the set speed, eliminating the distortions of mechanisms (e.g., under pressure, etc.)  provided in the furnace.
Fans with electric drives create uniform temperature field in the operating space of the furnace. Fans design ensures their easy disassembly for carrying out maintenance and repair work.
In each heating area there are two thermocouples for control and regulation of heating temperature.
On-screen insulation over the top of the heaters provides the compliance of a given temperature mode.
Tank design provides heating of the hardening medium (water) in the temperature range of 20-100 OC and mixing of the hardening medium by mechanical mixers.
Elements of the furnace design are equipped with maintenance platforms, ladders, etc. for ease of maintenance repair and operations.



Maximum temperature ОС 600
Operating temperature in the furnace, ОС 150... 550
Accuracy of temperature maintenance
in the furnace area, ОС
Range of the heating rate, ОС/hour, not less 200
Dimensions of the operating space, mm 6500 х 3000 х 2000
Operating conditions 380 V+10 %, frequency 50 Hz, temperature 5...40 ОС,
humidity <80 %
Operating temperature in the hardening tank, ОС 20…100
Maximum weight of charge, kg 200