Electrothermal aggregate “ETA-2C”


Electrothermal aggregate “ETA-2C” is made for hardening, annealing and aging of semi-finished products and parts made of aluminum alloys.

Advantages of the model

Modern insulating materials significantly reduce the weight of the heating chamber.
Chamber is made of collapsible sections for greatly simplifies installation.
Heat flow through the wall of the operating chamber is reduced to 1900 W/m.
Time of heating to the maximum temperature is reduced to 1 hour.
Energy consumption during the technological process is reduced in 2-3 times.
Number of controlled zones is increase to 12. It provide more uniform temperature field in the operating chamber.
Temperature drop between the zones is reduced. There are three thermocouples in each zone: control, backup, emergency.
Fans to circulate the operating air flow are located inside the chamber.
Unit is equipped with modern computer control system.


Power supply voltage, V 380
Maximum temperature, ОС 550
Furnace internal dimensions, mm
 - length x width x height
3080 х 1080 х 1550
Weight of the charge, kg 250
Maximum dimensions of workpieces, mm:
 - length x width x height

2000 х 700 х 700
Power of unit’s heaters, kW 120
Operating volume of the water tank, m3 9
Thermal insulation material
 - thickness, mm
 - density, kg/m3
Coefficient of thermal conductivity, W/(m x K) at 600 °C 0,13
Mineral wool
 - thickness, mm
 - density, kg/m3
Coefficient of thermal conductivity, W/(m x K) at 200 °C 0,093
Number of heating zones 12

Heating time to maximum temperature, h

Heat flow through the operating chamber wall, W/m 1900