Vacuum plant for thermal treatment “PV-900/4000”


Vacuum plant “PV-900/4000” is made for vacuum annealing of large-size welded constructions made of titanium and other metals. Structurally, the plant “PV-900/4000” is designed as a cylindrical shape vacuum chamber. One side of the chamber is closed with a back cover, attached by bolting; the other side is closed with front cover.


Advantages of the model

Vacuum annealing of titanium constructions provides:
- reduction of hydrogen content to a safe level;
- elimination the metal tendency to hydrogen embrittlement.
- relief the undesirable residual stresses;
- maximum possible preservation of the cyclic strength;
- applying a protective coating, which prevents hydrogen absorption in operation;
- preservation of the geometry of the annealed product.



Power supply voltage, V 380
Rated frequency, Hz 50
Number of phases. pcs 3
Installed power, kW 375
Maximum temperature °C 900
Uneven temperature in the operating space
(without charge), °C
Operating dimensions, mm, not less:
 - width x height x length
1500 x 1450 x 4350
Charge weight, kg, not less 3000
Chamber volume, m3 28,4
Residual ultimate pressure, PA (mm Hg) 6,65 x 10-3 (5 x 10-5)
Inleakage, l PA/s (l µm Hg/sec) 4,7 (35)

Cooling water flow rate, m3/h, not more

Overall dimensions, mm, not more
 - length x width x height
15500 x 5325 x 5150